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3 Unrevealed Steps to Great Ebay Success

by Anna Mattingly

Are you searching for a way to make ebay work for you?...

Signing up for those free auction courses offered all over the net, only to find out they exist to lure you into that $90.00 course?  Are you left with nothing at the end of the day? Are you still missing out on Ebay sales because you worry about things like what to sell, how to get traffic to your auction and how to deliver the product? There are many who are, leaving hundreds of dollars monthly right on the table. All is not lost however! Take heart, as you are now at the right place!  I'm happy to tell you there is a way to start selling on ebay. Use the following 3 unrevealed steps to help you get great Ebay success! It's your turn to jump
over the Ebay learning curve, and join the throngs of happy Ebay users who have plenty of money to pay their bills this year.

Step 1.  Quit worrying and start thinking about your auction topic.  Your topic is what matters.
People buy the latest trends and therefore, the best way to get sales at Ebay is to offer
information about them. Learn about the hottest trends by visit the following sites:

-amazon.com - search for 'top sellers'

Very carefully review these sites to find a topic you wouldn't mind researching online.  
And then write a report about it. Put your report on sale at Ebay!  Make sure it is exciting and fun
to read and full of unrevealed step by step information. Don't worry about your ebay ad. 
Try using html in your ad if you can, but for the most part, what you actually say
about your report is what will sell it. The key is to make it sound irresistible.

Step 2. Stop worrying about who will buy your report and start socializing, chatting
about your topic, and writing Up free articles about this topic:

a. Go to the social networking sites and get involved gathering friends together.

myspace.com -  is a favorite
adlandpro.com - also has a great community opportunity.

First find the group of people there who are talking about this topic then
create a website about it.  Next you will need a friends list. Gather together the same
people. Socializing is a great way to introduce your report to your new friends.

Here's a hint on how to make your website. Use the title of your report. (In my case
it would be: 3 Unrevealed Steps to Great Ebay Success) as the heading
for your website. And then talk about this subject within the site itself in
the various ways the site makes available to you.

b. By Writing and Submitting Articles

Write 2 or 3 articles about the topic of your report and submit them to the best article directories.
Put a biography box at the bottom of your articles pointing your readers to your report on ebay.
Make sure you submit your articles at least one week before you list your report on Ebay.

The best ezine article directories are:

c. By Visiting Forums on the topic and getting involved.

Forums all over the web discuss the latest and hottest topics. Find the best, jump in,
and get involved. Most forums will allow you to put a link to your report in the signature file.

To find your forums search in the search engines for: forums + the name of your topic

Step 3. Stop worrying about delivering your product and start getting your product together
and listed as quickly as possible.  It doesn't matter how your buyer
receives your report it only matters what is written in the report.  
People want juicy information and nothing else makes them so happy.  

Here are some simple delivery ideas anyone can do.

a.  Set your report up as a webpage and then just send your buyers the url in email. Consider using
copyscape.com on your website so that no one but you can distribute this report.

b.  Type up your report in word or even a text file. You can always use wordpad which
comes with windows and the mode "rich text format".  This will allow you to
use colored fonts, different size fonts, and more. Send your report to
your buyers as an attachment in email. Again make sure your buyer
knows they do not have redistribution rights.

c.  Download the wordprocessing software from Openoffice.org which is
free.  This will allow you to type up your report in the wordprocessor and
then automatically export it to a pdf file.  This is the best
way to make your report. You can even add pictures. You can tell buyers of
their rights in the pdf itself. Again, send your report as an attachment in

Lastly, you should strongly consider getting a ebay store so that your items can
stay up longer and you can list them for longer time frames.

And there you have it.  3 unrevealed steps to to great Ebay success.

Anna Mattingly is a writer and has been a successful Ebay seller for many years now. Anna set up and
created her sellers account by following the steps in the "The Ebay Success Kit". This easy to follow system
took her by the hand.  It taught her how to set up on ebay to sell and then how to set up the sales
themselves! In addition to that, it revealed plenty of new, no cost items Anna could sell on ebay.   
See for yourself, Visit: http://www.lazyliving.com/ebay/success_system/index.html