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Change your mind???,
you will after you read this!!!!

Take a look at Probiz USA Click Here if you will.

It will give you a good idea of what it cost's today
to buy a business. If you think paying a $25.00 software, kit, and processing
fee to get your own business is a "big risk" think again.

We know how badly you want employment in the clerical field and if you came
here looking for it we understand that too. But what would you rather make,
a flat $250.00 a week if (and that's a big if) you can find a company who will
hire you to work at home for them, or a possible $800.00-$1500 a month with this business?

Here's why many "Choose" this line of work at home and
why this type of work is so wonderful
and why you should seriously consider getting involved:

==>You can make more money as a marketing typist at home,
than you can as an employee with a set salary.

==>You can have fun at your job instead of
working for someone who watches all you do over your shoulder.

==>This is your own business.
You work when and where you please.

==>Marketing typists are creative
they choose to do what they like,
not what they have to do.

==>There are literally a hundred different ways to work at
home offered to you from the Rabdigitial, home business system.
in addition to the marketing typist (home processing) opportunity

Would you like to be more free to be with your family?

Would you like to plan your life as you please?

In a regular job you do not, we repeat, do not have this luxury.

Are we doing you a favor?
- maybe so -
you must be the judge of that.

All we can really tell you is that:

==>This is a complete ready made business

==>Starting up a business is very difficult

==> The hard work has been done for you.
Involving yourself in the full process of this
opportunity, could bring you a


Well you can blow your $25.00 on popcorn and the movies or you can
risk all ($25.00, big risk) and pay the software, licensing, kit and processing fee to start working your
own business at home typing, processing forms, doing mailings,
and downloads. Just what you wanted to do.

There is absolutely no risk and no high cost with this business.
You make back the cost that you put out with (1) one processing fee paid to you.
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