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" I found a new service for webmasters and internet marketers
called "The Online Classified Club". The service features
a comprehensive suite of online marketing tools, resources,
and techniques all focused on free and low cost Classified
Ads ,Newsletter advertising, and promotion.

I must admit, I'm a pretty bad consumer when it comes to
actually paying for something on the internet, but this
one was the exception.

They offer:

- The largest list of free classified ad sites on the web
- A State by State classified ad listing
- A Classified Ad Broadcaster service (submits your to over
200 sites)
- A Free 150 Search engine submission
- A Custom Web Page, with auto-submission
- 11,000 Newsletters, and 400 Free for All links
- 1000 " Order-Pulling" headlines and some pretty neat software that helps do all
the ad submissions for you!

The whole thing costs $29.95 for one year of UNLIMITED access.

It's a complete package that I've now incorporated into
my daily marketing routine. One of my favorite features
of the site is their Ad Broadcaster service. I tried this
service for the first time last week and found it to be
quite effective. I entered my ad info (one time), and
pressed submit. My ad was then broadcasted to over 200
other web sites that same day.

Needless to say, that one feature saved me at least a week
in manual submissions. I then went on to download one
of their programs. It's one of two free "time saving"
programs they give you. This one let me type in my ad
information one time and stored it in the program. After
you've got your information entered, you then go to a
free classified ad site. You can pick any one you want,
they list over 7000 of them.

Once you get to a form, you then drag (with your mouse) your
ad info right into the ad form! No typing! I did this on
about 25 sites in under five minutes. This was one of
the easiest programs I've ever installed, but it only
works with Windows 95.

About two days after I started submitting, I really started
to notice some results. It started out slow, but the more
I submitted, the more inquiries and orders started coming
in. It's only been a week since I started using them, but
so far, the sales from my ads have more than paid for
their $29 membership.

More recently they've started a resellers plan, which is great.
I've set up a link on my web page to their site. For every
subscriber I send them, they send me $10.00. I know it's
only been a week since I started with them, but as a result
of the resellers program I already made the easiest $20.00
I've ever earned.

I must admit I was bit skeptical about buying one of those
" free classified ad lists " , but then I realized how
current and up to date it really was. This was one list
you'd never find for free.

As you may have noticed, I'm REALLY happy with this service.
It's not MLM, and you DON'T have to recruit anyone. It's
simply a cheap, effective marketing tool that anyone who
sells anything online will enjoy."

The Classified Club is at: