If you have ever taken the time to visit the prayer page 
I put up for my friend Anna. ( You can find it here ).  You will 
know that for the past 2-3 years Anna has been extremely sick. 
Two of her children nearly died, One died twice but God healed both of Them and brought them back to us. God is faithful to those that 
call upon his name in prayer.. believing that he is who he says, he
is and he will do far and above what we ask of him. Lets us give
all praise unto the Lord God Almighty, for he is holy and just.

With Anna as sick as she is, she cannot go outside the home 
and work we started to pray and ask God if it would be ok to ask for help. He has said build  a "Prayer Ministry." pray for all peoples in the last days. We want this site to be a site of charity, hope and a place of refuge to come to when you have a need.
There will always be someone here to pray for you day or night..

 There is a prayer request page where you can leave your 
requests to be taken before the Lord (the link is below). If you 
don't want to leave a request, then please send an email with whatever needs you have and we will take those needs to
the throne of God and pour them out for his ears to hear. If 
you have many problems this is the place to let someone know.   
We have seen miracles .  Our heavenly Father is in the miracle working business.. It's not necessary for you to give to leave a 
prayer request. Please only give if you can afford to, or what 
the Lord puts on your heart.  We will be forever grateful for 
anything you can do to help us in our prayer ministry.

Claire and-Anna ,
In services to the Lord.

Every donation with a return email address asking for the 
homemade chilli recipe will receive it. Anna's Home Made Chilli Recipe is out of this world -Claire

Please click here to make a donation

or send your donations to:
 Anna Mattingly
113 S. Seminary 
Madisonville, KY 42431

My God Shall Supply all Your needs according to his Riches in Glory


  Reverand Anna's Credentials:

I, Rev. Dr. David M. Ford, on behalf of this ministry and all its members, do hereby select, appoint, and anoint you, Anna M. Mattingly, a legally ordained independent minister of Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries, and authorize you to perform all standard Christian religious services including the rites of marriage and baptism, on this day, June 27, 2004.

Please send your donations to:
Reverend, Anna Mattingly
113 S. Seminary
Madisonville, KY 42431
You Can Find Our Statement Of Belief Here: Statement of Faith
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