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Saturday, 23 July 2011
Welcome to The Jesus Tell Me Ministries Blog
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Hi I am Claire and I run the Jesus Tell Me Ministry Website with my friend Anna.  The site is to tell the world about the Good news.  It isn't about this life but YOUR Eternity.

Some people think this life is all that there is.  They have been successful and never sick why do they need God?  After all they never had the experience of hurricanes or tonado's or earthquakes all have been well for them.  They don't think God created them and they don't need to worry about their eternity.  They'll just die.

And then so many times people say to us if there was a God why is there so much pain and suffering in the world?  And I always like to point out there is not always pain and suffering.  For example God has also provided us a blue sky, the sun, rain for water.  And on this earth there is love.   Its easy for these people not to believe in God because although they suffer or see suffering they cannot accept that a loving God would allow it.  But God doesn't only allow suffering He also cares for the earth as you can see.

No matter what you feel I can tell you sincerely there is no blue sky in hell, no water to drink, no birds, no flowers, and THERE IS NO LOVE. And the suffering you will experience there is One hundred thousand million times worse then the suffering anyone can have here.

On the other hand the eternity that God has planned for those who love him is One Hundred Thousand Million times better then the very best life anyone can have on this earth.

The Bible says all who live a life without God will go to hell not this beautiful place called heaven.  This is regardless of what the new age ministries have told you that the UNIVERSE is God and you may believe in any God and still see heaven.

So what is the criteria for you to have a peaceful eternity?  Well, You have to accept Jesus as Your Savior.  This is just a fact YOU MUST BELIEVE IN HIM AND THAT HE DIED FOR YOU to save you from hell.

This often opens up another arguement.  And many times someone will say to me well I'm a good person why would God send me to hell after all I do believe in God.

My answer usually shocks people but even satan knows God exists and believes this fact.  That isn't enough though. And besides that if you think you are good in and of yourself quess again.  When I ask this next question many people freeze.  Lets see how you do.  Here's the question.  Have you ever lied?  Looked at a man or woman in lust? Be honest.  If you have done either of these you have sinned according to the Bible and you cannot go to see God in that condition. 

Let's take it a step further, are you someone who thinks your idea of God is best.  Ok for example:  God and I decided it was ok for me to live with this man/woman even though I'm not married to him/her and i do what my God and I decide whats right for me.  Well you just made God into a graven image. That isn't who God is at all.  The true and only God of the Bible has rules we are obligated to adhere to if we expect to live with Him.  You see once again I must tell you that God cannot be in the presence of outright sin that we choose to go into. And God has told us we are to have no other idols.  We must realize God is holy, righteous and pure.  We must adhere to Him not He to us.

There goes the I'm a good person arguement right out the window.   The Bible says ALL HAVE SINNED AND FALL SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD.

So lets add up the facts:  Hell is where everyone goes when they die if they do not believe in Jesus and his death to free them from hell.  This life is not that hot compared to hell whether you have suffered here or not and heaven is where you really want to be because people don't just die. Nobody is good enough to see God without confessing their sin and giving their life to Him.

If you've decided this makes sense to you then please also know that God loves you and desires a relationship with you.  His presence brings peace, comfort and joy even on this earth.  To finally become His child and have new life please follow the simple steps here:

or for those of you who are still sceptical about what i say watch this video to see what many famous atheists said at their time of death.

Warning Open Up the tellme page above before you go I promise you will want to go there after what you see.

That's a wrap....

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