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This is a Golden Opportunity if You have been wanting to join a Business
Opportunity or Start Doing Clerical Work Online But You Don't Want to Buy
Something. If This Sounds Like Something you are Looking for Read On....
And Learn About this Exciting Freelance Work Online

"Earn $50.00 For Each Member! No Fees!

You will NOT have to speak to anyone just work online.

You have nothing to lose and much to gain no risk!

From: Claire and Anna

Dear Associate,

We have been marketing online since 1988. 

We create systems or market products to people who are interested and make money any time of the days or night.  Welcome to the world wide web.

We also help people find work online. Jobs people can do at their computers....



That is Probably the Reason You Are Here...


So let us share how this works. You came to this site to learn how to earn $50.00 dollars for each and every sale without:


- paying any money

- having to speak to anyone

- or needing any technical knowledge


Here are the steps. There are only 3 easy steps and they can result in hundreds of dollars worth of checks or paypal payments for you if you are willing to follow the directions and get started.


Step 1. Fill out the short form below. I will email you directions via Getresponse to go a site.  This is the same site that you will send people to. You will fill out the form at this site to join the program.  Please make sure you use your Paypal email address when you fill out the form, if you want to receive payment daily.


Step 2. You will instantly receive a link to your own unpaid version of the web site. It's called a "Free Test Drive."  Copy the link onto a text file and save it on your computer.


Step 3. Check your email for directions.  We will email you a pdf within 24 hours.  Important:  Do not use lycos, aol, hotmail, yahoo, or any other similar email address because I cannot promise you that I can get the pdf to you.

Gmail is NOW the prefered email for this type of work and if you don't have a gmail account I suggest you get one. Just go to




"Whats Next? Well you follow the directions we mail you and...."

People looking for easy, stress-free, work that doesn't require a lot of time, or having them call people, will respond to you.


Believe us people need this kind of work in this kind of economy so you are in the right place at the right time!


Plus, you will get the current directions all reps are using.


Those you tell about this same opportunity will be led to the same page where you signed up. They will learn about the system and decide if they want the freelance work or if they want to participate in the paid version of the program which will give you your $50 payment.  Everyone that clicks on your link. (SeeStep1) will show in your back office and when they convert to paid (NOTE: IT ONLY TAKES 2 $50 payments to do this yourself.  But it not required.) you will recieve a noification by email. Then you will receive $50.00 dollars in your Paypal account that night or mailed to you that Friday. (Make sure you email a postal address for your weekly check after you fill in the Free Test Drive information, ONLY if you cannot provide a paypal email when you fill out the second form to join the program at the website.



--VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU SIGN UP-- All emails will come from Claire Koch. Please make sure you confirm your email or you will not receive the instructions. If you do not receive the email after you confirm, check your spam folder. Please mark my emails "Not Spam" in Google's Gmail. And if you are NOT getting my emails please consider taking out a gmail account. It just is more email friendly.. Very important.

Alternately you can email me for help at


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