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Girl, I found a job through Outsource!!!! 
THANK YOU JESUS! It's a freelance writing 
job that I can do at my own time and it 
pays really well! I am going to see how it 
goes, save some checks and QUIT my job! 
Although I know you didn't find me the job, 
I just wanted to thank you for telling me 
about Outsource!

She said that I could use her testimonial 
on my website.

I have always known that OS2000 was not a scam. 
I've been an IMR for a little over a year now 
and I signed up to become a member when I first 
started promoting them. I saw first hand that 
they did really have REAL jobs in there (at the 
time, there were biz opps mixed in there as well, 
but I believe with all the new changes that is 
very minimal now) and some of those jobs 
required skills and degrees and listed salaries 
which let me know that they were indeed legit.

So, anyone who wants to join OS2000 and you're 
a little leary about whether it's a scam or not, 
rest assured that they are not a scam. 

Just like I mentioned on my website, OS2000 is 
not one of those things you see where you pay 
them and they promise to send you work. Just like 
seeking a onsite job in the paper, it's no 
guarantee that you're gonna find a job or get 
hired from any job you apply for out of the 
classifieds. Same with OS2000. No guarantee 
that you will find your ideal job or that you 
will get hired from any company you apply with. do get listings of home-based jobs 
that you may not find anywhere else. 

Have you ever seen those magazines that feature 
a whole lot of biz opps? I mean, all types of 
home-based business opportunities fill these 
publications? Now, imagine if there were a 
magazine that was filled with home-based JOBS 
rather than biz opps. Would you buy that magazine 
or subscribe to a subscription for it? To me, that 
is sort of what OS2000 is. Only thing is, it's 
online instead of a hard copy. 

Well, sorry to have rambled on, but it was pretty 
exciting to have one of my own customers to email 
me that she found a job through OS2000 and I just 
HAD to share!

Warmest Regards,