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at the Jesus Tell Me Ministries

49. EntryNo: 15 Date: Monday 07:57 06.03.2006 ( from elaine frankland Internet Explorer United Kingdom
Loving God, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, that there might be a deeper understanding between Muslim and Christian, we pray for good leaders, who can help to bring about peace. Father we ask for peace in our town of Great Harwood, for barriers to be broken down between Muslim and Christian for us to live peaceable alongside each other. We pray for a joint service of peace in the open air in the very near future. amen

48. EntryNo: 14 Date: Monday 09:56 20.02.2006 ( from Lisa Internet Explorer United States of America
Anyone and everyone who believes in Jesus Christ and that he is the son of God, and died for our sins, I would request Please to pray for the reconciliation with my estranged love Jim. He and I were together for 3 years and, and I know I made mistakes and pressured him for marraige. I love him so , he broke off the relationship last October and it seemed that everything in my life was taking a turn for the worse ever since. I am in a state of despondency and the more I try to reach out to Jim to reconcile, the more he gets enraged and distant. He was my best friend and I am so distraught. Please pray for him to have an increase in faith and trust in me,and for me in God, and for my depression to lift. Please pray for Jim to have some compassion for me. It seems that satan is trying to destroy me and our relationship, Jim has changed so. I am willing to face or do whatever I need to do to heal this relationship. Please, please, pray for us. Thank you so much

47. EntryNo: 13 Date: Thursday 12:15 15.12.2005 ( from jesse Netscape Navigator or other United States of America
i feel like dying all the time. im not suicidal really but i catch myself praying for death and really really wanting to die. i am a coward and would never take my own life but it doesn't stop me from wishing someone would do it. im so confused about god it's ridiculous. no one loves me or cares about me but god but it has been my experience that he is never there for me. i call upon his name all the time to bring me out of this slump but to no avail. i know that no one will read this or respond but even i as i cry while i write this it does make me feel a little better to get it out.

46. EntryNo: 12 Date: Tuesday 15:22 29.11.2005 ( from: ronda Netscape Navigator or other United States of America
sking for prayers in Jesus Christ name to help change the path we are all on to destruction. amen

45. EntryNo: 11 Date: Monday 06:05 17.10.2005 ( From: Claire Internet Explorer United States of America
(Pastor Anna)needs some prayer for her back. She tore some ligaments. She needs to raise up out of a lot of pain. Also her son has a bad abcess on his gum in his mouth. Please pray that God would raise Pastor Anna back up completely free of any malady. And that Her son also would be healed in his mouth. Thank you everyone. We are praying for your needs!!

44. EntryNo: 10 Date: Tuesday 23:15 11.10.2005 ( From Pat Internet Explorer United States of America
It may sound trivial...but I need prayers for my daughter to pass her road test. If she does not get her license...she can not drive to her student teaching assignment and all her four years of college study have been in vain. It will really set her back and devastate her. She is a wonderful kid...never a problem. Studious, the hardest worker you can imagine. Moral and decent. She is a 4.0 college student. This is her second time taking the road test and she is so scared and nervous. Please pray for her. She so deserves this and I am so worried about her. any prayers so appreciated.

43. EntryNo: 9 Date: Friday 02:07 09.09.2005 ( From: James Netscape Navigator or other United States of America
Pray that James H Robinson of Fairborn Ohio/USA will be mentally & physically healed, & saved.

42. EntryNo: 8 Date: Wednesday 01:54 31.08.2005 ( Fro m: kim Internet Explorer United States of America
my husband left me because of an argument he had with our 20 year old daugter. please pray god will restore my marriage.

41. EntryNo: 7 Date: Sunday 21:33 28.08.2005 ( From: Bobby C. Moore Netscape Navigator or other United States of America
Dear Prayer Warrior, Please pray that the dark cloud of satanic oppression will be lifted from my life. I know there is a purpose for it,but it's beginning to wear me out. This has lasted for 11/2 years. I'm in financial ruin. However,I refuse to go back to the life I formerly lived. Just pray for my restoration,and even greater faith. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. In Christ,

40. EntryNo: 6 Date: Tuesday 08:39 23.08.2005 ( Fr om: P. Hawkins Internet Explorer United States of America
Heavenly Father, As always You knew what I NEEDED at the most perfect time...fellow brothers and sisters to unite in prayer and praise to our Lord, God, Jehovah and praises most of all to our King of Kings, Jesus Christ. Lord you know every hair on all our heads, just as you know every thought in our mind and today I pray for your mighty power to intervene in all of our trial areas of our lives. Lord I personally ask for these to agree with me in prayer for the blessings from You on my healing, as we have talked about so much Lord, I pray for the 'One' doctor You have prepared for me to help take this pain and to be open to Your hands being my Great Physician. You also know Lord I ask for financial blessings on this new businee venture (You know I have never attempted anything like this and I am totally depending on You as my Administrator) so I can survive financially and not lose the home you gave me, or the car. I pray this business, though of the world, would only bring help and blessings to those who are touched by Your Spirit to use it. I pray their blessings might be 100 fold for helping me also by purchasing it. Jesus, I praise You for hearing my prayer, for being my strength and sustainer throughout all the many trials, but most of all I will forever be thankful for my life in Heaven because of what You have done for us all...Conquering death and sin through the cross. Amen, in Jesus precious name

39. EntryNo: 5 Date: Thursday 01:07 28.07.2005 ( from wanda Internet Explorer United States of America
New prayer: Please Father God, I am so discouraged. Please send Greg M. back to me, it's been almost 4 months since he left me and my kids after almost 2 years of dating steady and exclusive. Please God, turn his heart to You and his head to me. Please remove any obstacle or people in our path that would prevent our reconciling. Especially remove any negative people like the false preacher Ty from his life. Please bind, rebuke and cast out any and all demons affecting Greg's or my life. Jezebel spirits, Appollyon spirits, false religion, false teaching, discouragement, mind blinding spirits, unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, malice, hatred, low self esteem. Break and cast into hell any curses, hexes, jinxes, spells, bewitchements, and false prayers caused by any man, woman, child or entity against Greg or me. Cast any negative thoughts or memories Greg has of me into the sea of forgetfulness and replace them with the happy thoughts and memories that I know Greg has of our special two years together. Especially the way I stood by him and helped him through his terrible crisis. Let every good thought and good memory come to the front of Greg's mind and stay there. Give him hope and faith that this time things will work out with us. I want to marry this man so badly. Please make me beautiful and sweet and funny so that Greg will notice and come back now and be my mate. Please God, I know You can do this. It's just a small thing to ask, to have my mate for life and for it to be the one that I truly thought you sent me back in April 2003. Please God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, help me. Change Greg's mind and heart and make him forgive me, love me, and desire me as his mate again, and give him the courage and the strength to act on it. I will give You the glory, honor and praise. Please do this for me. Wanda

38. EntryNo: 4 Date: Monday 18:54 25.07.2005 ( From: Paul P. Saha Internet Explorer Bangladesh Respected Friends in Christ : Heartiest Greeings from Paul P. Saha, Barisal, Bangladesh.
I am Paul P. Saha, writing to you from Baptist Mission Road, Barisal-8200, Bangladesh. I am member of Barisal Baptist Church, Bangladesh. As very small minority in Bangladesh, we are in contnuous discrimination and depprivations and have small scopes of jobs or earning sources. I am a commerce graduate and conversant and experienced to accounting and other commercial jobs. I like to have an internet based job in Baptist Churches/ community people, so that I can send services to my employer/ friends through Email/internet with very small charge even. If you please help me so that I can locate such job from here Barisal, Bangladesh, I will be very grateful to you. My jobs/services mainly depend on maintaining/postnig books of accounts,cash books, ledgers, bin cards, asset list, accounting statements, compling accounting reports, financial reports/ over views etc. as required by the employer/friend timely and acurately follwed by all other related service conditions. Apart from this, anything translation work from Bengali to English or English to Bengali, Bangladeshi reports/ information/statitics on any kind etc can be delivered on request within the charges as fixed by employer/friends. I pray that your churches/Ministries grow with the blessings of God more day by day. Please pray for all of these for here in Barisal, Bangladesh. I can send you related information on my request to you. Greetings Yours in Christ Paul P. Saha Baptist Mission Road Barisal - 8200 Bangladesh Email :

37. EntryNo: 3 Date: Saturday 23:10 04.06.2005 ( From Megan, Internet Explorer United States of America
Please someone pray for and with me. Please pray that my ex-boyfriend Alex would ask me back out to be his girlfriend again. Please pray that he would want to be with me again so badly and that his love would keep growing stronger for me. Please pray that once more we would be happy together and that we would see each other very soon and spend time with each other again. I'm sorry I'm asking for a lot but I am so empty inside, Alex was a part of my life for 4 years and I am so desperate. Please pray for Alex and I to be back together sometime soon. Thank you with all of my heart.

36. EntryNo: 2 Date: Thursday 15:53 02.06.2005 ( From Genaro Spencer Internet Explorer United States of America
Please agree with me in prayer that God deliver me from the all that condescention.

35. Wednesday, 9. February 2005 04:11 Host:
Can you readers open up your hearts and help Eddie? no donation is to small. Eddie,  has had four strokes and the doctors have opened up his lift side but he is having a lot of troubles and they have had to take him back to surgery two more times to try and stop the bleeding. . "Blocked arteries, strokes. Hosp. report Right side is blocked 100% left side is 90% and the back of the neck is also 90% blocked. He is a diabetic and has very high blood pressure. " Please send you donations to Eddie Markham fund in care of, Rev. Anna Mattingly 113 South Seminary, Madisonville Kentucky 42431 Thanks for any help you can give and God bless you for your prayers

34. Monday, 3. January 2005 05:24 Host:
Message From Pastor Anna:
Jesus, God's son CRIED over Jerusalem (Luke 19:41).

PSA 122:6 says – “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who love you.” Pray also for our brave men and woman who are serving our country, God bless them all.

33.  Sunday, 3. October 2004 10:48 Host:
Special Prayer request from Pastor Anna
Please be much in prayer for this man. Just got the email message
about him this mornng. God bless you all who read this and pray as the spirit leads you.

Pastor Michael I have lost the battle for my 2 little boys.
Satan, my wife, and the courts have won. They have given her permission
to take the boys far away. I will not live under those conditions. I
will be killing myself in a few days after I settle my affairs and
divide my belongings. I was the Pastor over 3 churchs, and served the
Lord as best I was able. My only prayer now is that God will forgive my
suicide. Goodbye to all those that have prayed for us. Pastor Michael

32.  Thursday, 2. September 2004 11:45 IP:
Prayer From Pastor Anna
Dear Holy Father
You see what lies ahead for the state of Fla and you know the whole outcome Father we come on behalf of these residents and we ask you O Lord to place your hand over each one and give them strength Father you say in your word you will shelter and protect your children We ask this in the Name of Jesus That this mountain be removed and Lord your angels encamp and guard about them In Jesus Name I Pray Amen

31. Monday, 16. August 2004 12:51 Host:
Lately, the world seems to be working against me and I'm trying very hard to keep the faith. Even though I'm working two jobs, the bills are piling up more than ever, my car recently died so I can't even get to my full-time job and I'm worried about losing it as a result, my fiance is having problems locating a job and we just recently found out that this driver's license was suspended two years ago and we were never notified. I had to put one of my children out of my home a couple of months back as I could no longer handle her wild ways.....and the list goes on and on and on. Oh, Lord, help me because I feel like I'm losing my mind. I found out about 1 hour ago that my elderly mother is going in for triple-bypass surgery on Monday and my father was recently rushed to the hospital. Here I am stranded and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it except pray. I have no money....probably no car for several more days....two kids that need more than I can afford to give them right now and an ex-husband that has not paid his child support in 4 1/2 years. Please pray for us that our situation quickly improves.....but most of all, please say a prayer for my parents because I am very worried about both of them.

30  Friday, 13. August 2004 13:26 Host:  

29.  Friday, 7. May 2004 18:09 Host:

28.  Saturday, 7. February 2004 12:08 Host:
Father God, please let me to know and make me to become like your only begotten son Jesus, my Lord, whatever the cost. Lord save my soul to you. Teach me all things through your Holy Spirit Father and lead me into all truth. Father open my eyes so that I will not be deceived anymore. Amen.
Please pray for my resurrection- please don't question this- please just do it. Please pray for my deliverance from Satan,
demon(s), the kingdom and powers of darkness, death, hell and suicide; that God have mercy on me and set me free. That the Lord give me a pure heart and wash me clean of all unrighteousness. Please pray that I become one with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; for the Holy Spirit to enlighten me; that my faith be strong in the Lord- never wavering; that I be faithful to Jesus Christ alone and only hear His voice; that I be in perfect submission and obedience to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit and that all of my steps be ordered by Him. Also I am in need of confirmation. Please pray for my mother, father and brothers- for salvation, deliverance, peace, protection and health.Please pray and don't stop praying. Please have as many people pray as possible. This is a desperate request. The Lord graciously bless you all. Amen.

Pastor Anna Wrote:
I will pray with you in all that you ask and no I don't need to know the reason. That is the Lords department, not mine. I do feel and hear your cries for help and yet you are putting to much on yourself. You have asked for so much that the Lord is in charge of my dear friend, please remember that you cannot live a perfect life on this earth. We are all in the flesh and fall short of the glory of the Lord and yes fall into temptation but we have a redeemer who loves each one of us... so much he gave his life that we might live.

Please don't let other's condemn you nor condemn yourself but trust in the Lord and his grace. God knows more about us then we know ourselves and see's the deep needs and also the goodness that we sometimes cannot see within ourself.

The awful thoughts you have are not coming from your spirit but from outside, Satan will take our greatest fears and use them against us..time and again trying to break our wills to live for Jesus. If you have asked the Lord to come into your heart and live his life through you, then trust him that he knows what he is doing and the battle will be won!! I am praying for you right now and in jesus name the gates of hell will soon be shut. Please write me any time and you don't have to tell me a thing..just be happy in jesus, that he will bring you miracles to also bring glory to his name. Anna.

27.  Tuesday, 30. December 2003 06:02 Host:
recently married and buying a home, both lost our jobs have two children and struggling to get back on our feet. finances are 00000
please pray for our finances to grow 10 fold. I would like to keep my home so my kids have a place to grow up. besides in the streets.
thank you
Glenda Coleman-Morton
Tulsa, OK

26. Tuesday, 16. December 2003 03:24 IP:
 Please pray for deliverance from all Satanic bondages in my career, marriage matters, future and ministry.

Pastor Anna Wrote:
In the christain life or in the lives of those we love where it seems invisible chains bind us in webs of iron.. Behaviors you can`t seem to change? Grief which never seems to lift and stoops ones back with the burdens, anger and unforgiveness which seethe and grow? Guilt over past sins and failures? There are many struggles that can be fertile ground for satanic bondage. Satan`s goal is to steal from you the freedom and joy of being loved by God. Recognize the seeds of deception that have been sown in your life and discern oppression in prayer and praise. Give God glory even when your not feeling well and you also feel as if your heart will break if something . ..or someone doesn't lift the load from you. God is able to take all your needs and in the blink of an eye, cast them far from you. Please know that My friend Claire and I will both be praying for your request. lift up your eyes to Jesus and see your miracle coming. Anna and Claire

25. Thursday, 11. December 2003 17:34 IP:
My social life has been attacked so often by the enemy. I have lost so many friendships and opportunities to build friendships. I feel like this area of my life is cursed because of this difficulty in relating to people my own age (18-26)I have no friends. I want to have brothers and sisters in the Lord to love and care for and share God's Word with. Please pray for God to bring healing and restoration to this area of my life and also reconciliation with people who have done me wrong and vice versa. thanks and God Bless!

24. Tuesday, 4. November 2003 03:44 Host:
Please pray for my lady friend to be healed of cancer. Her brother has mental and physical problems and her mother was knocked down by a car and it has left her disabled. Please pray for their healing. They are Christians.

I have been a Christian for more than 18 years and although I tithe 10% and give money on top of that to Church and to Christian work and do it out of love, I have regular financial problems. Please pray for an end to my financial problems.


23. Saturday, 25. October 2003 21:54 Host:
jesus is lord!

22. Monday, 20. October 2003 19:21 Host:
Please pray for my Friend Vicky who is in the hospital.She is having a Biopsy tomorrow.She needs everyone to pray for her. DARLENE

21.  Saturday, 4. October 2003 10:00 Host:
Bangor, Maine USA

Pastor Anna Wrote:
 I visited your site. I am intrequed by the ability to plug in anothers name as well. What a wonderful tool. Tell us more about Phil will you. I will keep him in my prayers just as soon as I know for sure. 

20.  Wednesday, 24. September 2003 08:32 Host:
Mark Kirkwood  

Pastor Anna Wrote:
Hello Mark In Madisonville, right around the corner. Did you know Mark that God healed both of my children? One from blood clots another from a meningitis coma (given up for dead?) YES HE DOES HEAL AND WE surely know he can heal you too.

19.  Saturday, 16. August 2003 03:17 IP:
Please pray for a miracle to help me survive the financial crisis I am into right now. In God's Name I pray. Amen

Pastor Anna Wrote:
As I always say Gods middle name is "miracle", we have found that the prayers of "Many" often get heard and responded to. (That doesn't mean God won't answer a single prayer, but he says when two or three are gathered together there I am in the midst and will hear and answer) You are in the right place. 

 Tuesday, 24. June 2003 09:45 Host:
salem wi

Pastor Anna Wrote:
Will do Judy. God's in the miracle business. Keep your faith for your friend. 

17.  Sunday, 6. April 2003 22:06 IP:
Please pray about a organization called the Knights of Pythia in Gallipolis,Ohio & Huntington W.Va. and all chapters nationwide ,that the LORDS will be done concerning this organization . Thank You for praying !! and Thank You for Lord for hearing and recieveing our prayers .
Cindy Mckinney

Pastor Anna Wrote:
I am not familiar with this organization. If anyone might give me more information I'd be greatful. 

16. Monday, 31. March 2003 18:18 IP:
Please pray for my boyfriend whom I was with over four years.I pray he will come back home and we could be married and we both be happy.I miss him alot.I hope he comes home soon and we can have a happy
life and pray we both forget the bad things between us.He had a heart attack and I pray he will get well.

Pastor Anna Wrote:
LIllian Please let us know how your boyfriend is. Our prayers are with you!

15. Saturday, 29. March 2003 11:25 IP:
Agree with me in prayer for the binding of the spirits of death and murder and for me specific direction and power over fear.
Genaro Spencer

Pastor Anna Wrote:
I pray for YOU TO BE DELIVERED TOO. The demons of death depart in the name of Jesus Christ!

14.  Friday, 28. March 2003 14:53 Host:
Agree with me in prayer for zero casualties in war from here on and for me, healing, strength and direction.
Genaro Spencer

Pastor Anna Wrote:
Yes! We agree with you! What a selfless prayer request....May God also heal you. 

 Saturday, 8. March 2003 11:40 Host:
My son, Anthony, was in a bad car accident and thrown from the car so he had to undergo brain surgery. I know Angels were watching over him because the odds were against him making it. It will take a min. of 6 mths. of therapy, so we need prayers during his continued recovery and for financial means for his family during this time.
Thank you God for giving me my precious family and watching over them.
Grandma Nana

Pastor Anna Wrote:
Grandma Nana, how is your son?
I am a Grandma Mamaw! I certainly can feel for you at this time. As I have my own childrens problems and know just what you are going through.
I have prayed for him and would love some news. My Gods loving arms be around you at this time. 

Grandma Nana  Wrote::
Thank you for your concern and prayers. He has recovered better and faster than the doctors expected. He still has a slight slur to his speech, the right side of his face droops and he drags his right leg a little especially when he is tired. I thank God everyday for this miracle that he can walk and talk. I still get emotional sometimes when he puts his arms around me and says I love you because I know this would not be possible if not for all the prayers out there. Thank you and God Bless everyone of you!

12. Monday, 17. February 2003 15:22 Host:
I am sorry if this already sent but i dont think it did. God brought my ex fiancee back into my life (thank you God!)but i wrote him an email telling them istill love him, this was not a good choice. Please Pray that this isnt recieved in a bad way and i do not scare this person out of my life. I fear God with all my heart. Please please please pray, i made a mistake of sending this email, please pray it isnt as bad of a mistake as i fear. Pray that God works in the persons heart that i sent this to. In Jesus name i pray Amen. I do not want to lose this person again and i fear that i have scared them away. i beg you to pray that this is actually a good thing.

Pastor Anna Wrote:
How did this turn out? Let us know. What shall we pray for you now? 

11. Wednesday, 12. February 2003 03:50 Host:
Prayer request ..Quit smoking better financial situatuin better job situation better love life situation Thank you

Pastor Anna Wrote:
We understand all too well how hard an addiction is to stop.
Keep trusting the Lord to help you with this. As we do too.

10. Tuesday, 11. February 2003 10:06 Host:
I need prayrer for my sister Teresa and her husband Mark. We have lost both parents in the last two months and Teresa and Mark are having financial and emotional problems right now. They are very overwhelmed. Please prayrer for them!!!!!!!!! Thank-you
Jan McDowell
Cinn., Oh.

Pastor Anna Wrote:
The Lord will PROVIDE!

9.     Pastor Anna's Prayer request:  Friday, 10. January 2003 08:37 Host:
please pray for Joshua and his wife. ( Joshua is my grandson.) Joshua has had to under go around 12 surgeries sense he went into service and his wife Jen has had 6 or 7 . He and she both start with a swelling under the skin and it grows outwards at a fast rate. The children are not sick so far and I pray they don't end up with it...has to be removed. I talked to Joshua last night and he said he was going to have to have more removed and that he was losing feeling in his hand and leg. He said it looked like is flesh inside was being eaten, then just a few minutes ago on the news ( Fox) The told about a bunch of soldiers that had the "Flesh-eating Bacterial Disease" Please..Please pray this in not the case for my grandson nor his wife..and also pray for those boys who have already gotten it has died. This is an Urgent Prayer request!!!! Not only for him but the many others who might get it.

8. Thursday, 26. December 2002 22:34 Host:
Hi please pray for brother Danny in NYC woorking with the homeless has left me empty need a fresh touch from the LORD.GOD bless you all brother Danny
Daniel Cahill

Pastor Anna Wrote:
Hi Danny, the Lord only knows too well how doing his will sometimes be taxing. Just be open to what he does in response to your need no matter what it is. YOu want to be effective. God bless you for helping others. What a wonderful ministry 

7  Monday, 18. November 2002 13:58 Host:
Please pray for my husband and myself we are on the verge of divorce and although their are many, many more needs out there I do believe that we love each other. My husband has been married 2 xs before and is so bound up in his hatred for his past wives that he cannot find a place in his heart for me. He is consumed with ebay, neglects his own children but overall can be a kind and gentle man. Please help us to overcome this hurdle and embrace the kind of the life that the Lord put us together to live. God Bless you all and thanks!

Pastor Anna Wrote:
It's interesting that you say your husband has a preoccupation with ebay. I really believe satan has put distractions in our way to stop us in important areas. Even I am attached to looking at this computer screen endlessly. We need to pray for the blinders to be removed from our eyes. Nothing is as important as our relationships and loving each other. Neglect is never ok no matter what our emotional background was or how warranted we think it is. We will pray for you and know you will see a breakthrough. Pray for us too
that we would also pay attention to our loved ones, that we would forgive and put our distractions away! Its so important for all of us. 

6. Monday, 21. October 2002 11:30 Host:
I pray for the Lord's revelation power and grace to grant me complete sentimental seccess with Aba in JESUS name. I also pray for the Lord's favor in opening a great career job which will give me financial security and joy in doing something I love.

5.  Tuesday, 15. October 2002 15:22 Host:
My wife has filed for divorce. I am praying for reconciliation for our marriage and to have our family restored. My wife’s name is Beth Cox. Please pray for my wife and family. I love them very much. Can you please place us on your prayer chain. The effectual fervent prayers of a righteous person availeth much
from Mark
Pastor Anna Wrote:
Mark we don't have an email to send you a personal note. Here is some scripture to comfort you at this time as we claim God's promises for a miracle on your behalf:

What then do we say in response to this? If God is for us who can be against us?
He who died did not spare is own son but graciously gave him up for us. How will he not also along with Him graciously give us all things? Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies. Who is that condemns only Jesus Christ who died and more than that was raised to life is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us. Who shall seperate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or pesecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? No in all this we are more than conquers through him who loves us. Romans 8: 31-36a and 37.

Active in any moment of our hardships we are MORE THEN CONQUERORS! If your heart is right with God you are a conqueror! Forgiven for your part. Seek your own cleansing and pray for your family to do the same and the rest will follow as God allows. 

4. Friday, 4. October 2002 06:24 IP:
I'm asking for all to pray for my health. I haven't been feeling good lately and i've been very afraid/nervous. i ask the Good Lord to help me and to give me and give me the strength and health i need. thank you in advance for your prayers.
new york

Pastor Anna wrote:
The author of nervousness is not God. God gives peace. Do you know Jesus God's Son savior of the world as your personal savior? He will give you peace. If you are already saved sometimes the author of nervousness would like you to have something that doesn't belong to you. Simply rebuke him and claim God's promises in his word. Say I rebuke you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ out loud and claim: Jesus will keep me in perfect peace when my mind is stayed on him. Tell God you believe this with all your heart. It only takes believing
For information on having a personal relationship with Jesus and for information about the Bible please write to us. I went through something similar but God delivered me. He'll deliver you too! Where ever the road leads a believer is never alone. Anyone reading this who has questions as well please feel free to write to us. Remember Jesus gives light to guide our feet into the way of peace. Luke 1:79. We also praying for your health. 

3.  Friday, 4. October 2002 04:48 Host:

Pastor Anna wrote:
Praise God for the victory in your life. Abandoning your life to God's use is a constant
thing, give it over and over and he will fill you up with his blessings in the ministry of his choice. We are praying for you. 

2. Saturday, 24. August 2002 19:37 Host:
Vinchencia Pompeo(81yrs.) and Fia A. Papas that are called by YOUR NAME be healed in full(SHALOM)in HIS riches and glory, that this prayer is GOD"S miracle working power! The Doctors and children, Luccia/Mario/Mike and Ambrose Pompeo will see the miracle and declare The Lord of Lords and King of Kings,JESUS, is Lord forever. Amen!
Fia A. Papas
Tarpon Springs, Florida

Pastor Anna wrote:
I have prayed so many times for healing for you. Expect God's Miracles 

1. Tuesday, 13. August 2002 16:09 Host:
I found your site and feel for you and I have my own troubles and know what it's like. If you would view my homepage it has my story or my life. A prayer or donation or anything would be of help right now. Thank you and God Bless! LaDonna
LaDonna Ash
Las Vegas, NV
Pastor Anna wrote:
Ladonna the door of hope is always open. We are praying for you.