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if you had the abilty to email over 1,000,000 people?
Promote your website? Tell the world about your affiliate program?

Fact: The more people that know about your business they more sales you will get!

Thats why where here.

Lets start with the basic yet the most important thing you need to know.

What is a safelist?
They are two types of safelists a web-based and a group based safelist. Safelists offer you the ability to send emails to the entire database of members, who all have opted-in to the group and agree to receive your message. Web-Based safelists will allow you to log into there site, and send your ad right from there sever, Group Based safelists you send your ad by email a special email address that then distributes your ad to the every member. You will never be accused of Spam, remember these other members have opted-in and agreed to receive your ads. Can't get any better than this!

You can now promote your business opportunities, affiliate program, website, and/or what ever you want worry free. We have the internets Largest List of compiled safelists groups and web-based safelists. There is no other compiled list of safelists that come remotely close to the 4,000+ safelists. We even had a few hundred extra safelists just in case a few go out of business, to ensure you have the ability to promote your ad to tha max. Are list contains well over 4,000 quality safelists, which is updated on a regulary basis.

Why Safelist Advertising?

Safelists have grown more popular then anyone could ever expect. They offer you the ability to send your ad to a higher number of potential prospects in which agree to receive your ad. There is No hassle of maintaining lists, No worries of being accused of Spam, No ISP shut down concerns to worry about. Experts have agreed time after time that email marketing is the #1 way to promote your business. It is the most cost effective way to market on-line.

Here is what you get!

You will the compiled list of well over 4,000 safelist you can join to promote your business. You are also granted the resell rights to this compiled list. A basic report recommending how you can utilize the safe lists to advertise your various programs on a daily basis.

The Compiled List Of Safelists Now
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