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This is the only thing online that has ever made me any money! You two are the ONLY one I trust, Sherri.

Are you sick of trying to figure it all out? Does it seem everyone wants your money and thats it! No help, no friendship? Are you tired of trying to find a Job? Would you like a simple step by step system to make money using your pc, and your home office skills? Would you love to stop wondering and start earning?STOP Wasting Money On Work at home gimmicks, STOP Wasting Time on what's known as mlm grunt work, cold calling, and friend bugging.... Let me show you how Information Processing and our Autorecruit Forms are changing the face of making money online..............

Friend, Become a Professional Internet E-Home Processor. Let us show you how to do it.
Home Information Processing

   Warning: This is not your average sales letter. ... 


Welcome to the NEW MMP Homeworkers Kit
With two exciting plug it in and it makes money systems.

IMAGINE, your chance to type ads online and know you'll get paid. An incredible opportunity here to either work online as a clerical worker and/or utilize our backend system for unheard of regular income.

This is an opportunity to utilize your pc skills. This is NOT a job offer or a telecommuting Job. No salary pay is involved although it is a great way to stay at home typing ads .  The work is for an independent contractor(this means either you will independently process work for pay upfront  and/or you will have your own complete home business.  Either way (whether you perform the clerical duties alone or do both) This will be your own business.  We recommend and supply the systems,
you decide if you wish only to process or take your income to the next level.  You do not work for us and get a paycheck, this is independent work/and or business. We are NOT Project 21, or Brandel Co, Know up front, this is NOT a job before you order. This is piece meal work, pay per order and or affiliate/mlm business income depending on whether or not you decide to work our "backend" systems in the kit (recommended) but not necessary.

Although this is not a job you can start doing this with no further outlay after the kit purchase and make back the cost of kit, in one fee processed. Every fee after that you keep. So if you process 25 kits orders one week, your cleared income is $625.00

Sound impossible? It's Not. Sell 2 a day and you'll make $1,500 every 30 days. We'll show you how to do that and even make a whole more then that.

We're going to show you how YOU can make $200-$800 a week simply working at home putting your pc computer skills to work. Although we quote these figures higher income is entirely possible if you become involved personally in the businesses contained in the kit (some can be started free). YOU can stay at home today and explore the possibilities of making money through your pc simply utilizing your pc and home office/office skills.

This letter applies to anyone in any US State and Canada.

First:  Please read this letter carefully so you completely understand everything.

Second:  Everything you read here is completely practical. This kit is overflowing with informational co products that need to be brought to others attention! We need folks with at least limited office skills, college students, disabled, and others seeking extra money to work online. We give you the master rights to receive your processing income up front while performing everyday pc duties. There are three ways for a you to work online #1, way is to offer this kit online yourself, or recruit more workers #2, way is to offer the products individually to the online community and businesses utilizing the training. #3, way is to join into the businesses yourself and then recruit people under your own id making a LOT more income. We call this viral backend. Many businesses online do this for themselves. They never tell you they are doing it they just get an extra money from you. We teach you the system so that you can learn how to make the big income online (Only if you want to). We do not mandate which processing system you use because once you pay the processing fee you own the system and its up to you how you work it. You will only need to see the training to find out how to do that. Note: None of the systems ever requires you to personally contact anyone it's done completely online. The process for your referrals is completely automated.  We'll show you how. You are not obligated to spend any additional money (if you don't want to "ever".  Collect $25 payments just doing the clerical work (ad placing) . We supply extra tools to facilitate your ability to do this proficiently.

What you need to understand:

If you need a job where you receive a paycheck each week this is probably NOT for you. However, if you need immediate work with income potential up to $800.00 dollars per week and more working even part time, processing orders on your own schedule and a system that will teach you how to do it, this is for you.

will teach you how to create a regular weekly income if you are willing to complete the work necessary. There are no quotas or deadlines. You can work this system when your schedule permits

(more information below).

More Information:

This is not a get rich scheme it requires hard work. It is self employment which can be done via email and the product can also be delivered via regular mail. It requires doing light marketing, light typing while performing customer service explanations in email, form and mail processing (ie: sending applications out, packaging up the product, compiling diskettes, printing out business letters and so on). Your work includes distributing a software product produced by us. This fine product is a information based system that sells a affiliate program or a mlm program and includes free focused materials written specifically to enhance your new business. As an independent contractor you distribute either this kit, or these products individually collecting a upfront small fee for the forms
or you fill in your own id for backend income (In most cases this can be started free). These products are not pornographical or illegal in any way. You will have the legal right to reproduce this kit
and these products.

What this Opportunity is not:

This is not an e-mail processing opportunity that is mlm based or an opportunity that pays you a percentage for doing email processing. (Although there is opportunity for you to get involved in such programs this is not mandatory). Our opportunity is an independent sales and marketing opportunity and/or a home business start up kit, with home office duties and pays 100% of the income when someone orders the kit from you or from you when you distribute product information individually.
We would like to emphasis here that it will be best for you to join in our business and code your id into the products.

You will not have to search out a company to work for after you receive your information. You can begin working immediately on and offline and receive payment immediately.

What You Need To Begin Working:

You must have a quality printer it does not have to be color, but the print quality is important. You will be paid $25.00 per order but you are free to set your own processing fee as this is your own business. Its entirely possible for you to receive around 25 orders a week at $25.00 a piece at first, more later on as you learn the system! You are not allowed to give this kit or the products away free (except under special circumstances explained in the kit).  This is not a free information kit.  A lot of hard work has gone into it. Furthermore you are forbidden to take this kit and sell it as a job or a home job. This woud emply a salary is involved. Its misleading and not fair. If you buy this kit you will be required to agree that you will not do that. 

We will not send you work to do or pay you a salary, you will find your work in the kit. Your pay will be the upfront fee you receive for recruiting others to the kit, or for offering the forms online individually.  As explained you can make a LOT of money by taking part in the backend systems of this kit. However its not necessary. The training and the work will be found in the kit. Read the instructions, decide how you will proceed and begin work. Its that simple. Finally your solution to good income working at home:

It is extremely easy to make a good income. You set your own hours. Work 10-15 hours per week, if you like or less. The Work At Home Program is simple and anyone can do it. You will enjoy working in the comfort of your home, instead of a stressful office situation. You will soon see how easy it is to make good money, spending only a few hours a day of your own time. Training will arrive in your package and it's completely your own business! You own it. It's your's even if you decide not to work the program or fill an order. However if you receive an order the company expects it to be filled promptly. We offer a lifetime guarantee on the software and training package.

We take It A Step Further:

We will show you step-by-step how to work the program.  We will tell you exactly where and what you should do (this is extremely important).  We will show you how to do all the paperwork and how to make lots of money doing it. You will get a nice work at home opportunity with little requirements, doing what you love, using your pc computer skills at home to make a living. What would be better than that. Start yours today. 

This one made us smile: 

Thanks Anna I made my First sale!



Hi Anna,

I just received my packet today and WOW!!! This is more than great. It's FANTASTIC!!! There is SOOO much valueable information on this disk. Thank you for the GREAT start up package. I should thank the Brandel Co for a wonderful and "REAL" business start up opportunity. This is going to be a good start for me. I work 8-5 as a receptionist and will be doing this in the evenings and all day weekends. Heck, I might make more doing my home business than at my full time job! That wouldn't hurt my feelings any! I have my full time job to fall back on until my home business takes off. That's why when it was offered as NOT a get rich scheme, I was sold on the product.

Thanks again Anna. Good luck with your business venture. You have a GOOD start going! Keep up the great work!!


Debra Musgrave

Highlight Testimonial...........

My Own Success Story: 

I am a 27 yr old SAHM to 3 children. I, like many of you, may be a skeptic when it comes to "Business Opportunities", but then one day I came across the ad for Order Processing and it has totally changed my life for the better. I am now able to stay home with my 3 children and make my own money and I start work and end work whenever I want and even in my pajamas. I started my home business in November 2001 and I have been able to earn $200-300/wk working around 15-20hrs a week.

This program is one I would recommend to anyone who wanted to start their own business and since the money comes straight to you first and NOT a company who then in return is supposed to send you a check, you are guareenteed to make money as long as you put"your time and effort into it"!!!  So why not try Order Processing today!!!

Terris Home Biz

Look here to see your bonuses, 100% resellable:
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    The Instruction Book for Home Processor! Design, order taking,, and much more.

    Career Revealer, unlock your potential!
    Unadvertised bonuses:

    1. Professional Websites with Set up Instructions for every product in the kit. To get you started fast.

    2. Access to our password protected download areas for the kit and the bonuses if you would like to save some hassles.

    3. Our personal attention whenever you need it.

    4. Access to our password protected advertising packages
    Package Value after Bonuses: $230.00

Terms Of Agreement
by clicking on the order
button you agree you
have read the terms of agreement.

There are three Convenient Ways to Order!

PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS: The button for ordering via postal mail will send an application to your email box so you can order by snailmail. Ordering by credit card requires you to have an zip utility for unlocking zip files. You can download one Here for free. (This link is also in the kit) The evaluation version is free and it never runs out. By Now, You are Probably Worrying About The Price..... Most people think we charge about $79 to $99 at least (we should). Luckily we don't. The price for everything included, the training for processing and plugging in your own id's, the marketing help and the plug it in system themselves is only $25 (that's a full $74.99 off the highest price you see above).Thank you.

Note if clickbank is down you can order by paypal below.
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Click here If you have any questions or the autoresponder or credit card link doesn't work.

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Results may vary, as with any business opportunity, you could make more or less. Success in ANY business opportunity is a result of hard work, time and a variety of other factors. No express or implied guarantees of income or spillover are made when joining or purchasing Home Processor. We only guarantee that if you make one processor fee you will completely recoop the amount paid for this program. This is easy to do simply placing classified ads even if you don't have a website up.

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