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prayers and donations needed

Please Make Daily
Prayers & As God Leads You, Donations
Any amount from $5.00 to $100.00 is sincerely appreciated. Simply enter any amount you would like to donate to Pastor Anna. Whatever you can give is fine and greatly appreciated

Make money orders out to:
Anna Mattingly
113 S. Seminary
Madisonville, KY 42431

Jesus be praised
UPdate 5/21/06: Anna is now receiving letters
and prayers via email, no gifts as of yet. I would like to thank everyone for the things they
have said. The Spirit of the Living God is at work! Nevertheless, things are worse. She may have
broken her back again in the same place she had the
surgery. This is due to trying too hard to make some
money in a yard sale to pay her remaining bills.
Others were trying to help her, still it was too much for her. Her phone has been shut off.
Prayers for healing are desperately needed NOW!
Any gifts will be so cherished, we guarantee this.
Thanks to all for your love and care.
watching over and protecting this page
watching over and protecting this page
Prayers & Donations Desperately Needed

The Person you see to the left is Pastor Anna at age 27 (she is in her 60's now).  She has faced a very difficult life since before this picture was taken.  You can see the effects on her face.  Since I cannot tell you all she has been through because its not my place to do that I thought the picture might help you see the "turmoil" by the reflection. I don't pretend to know the reasons for all that has happened to her I can only guess. And here is my guess:

 Pastor Anna appears to be what is called

"A Endtime Watcher".  

She is literally transfixed on the subject of lost souls and works effortlessly to this end wanting no one to perish.  I persume this has something to do with her circumstances as I believe Satan would be fixed on stopping her.

Pastor Anna is in an extremely difficult situation right now as the source of her medical care and finances are being threated.  Actually this has been going on for a long time and has finally come to a head. Additionally her physical condition regarding bones has forced her to a wheelchair and bed.

Please pray for Anna's Physical Condition to change and that she might regain good health and a little more financial assistance. That Satans Plans May be Thwarted.  That the institutions responsible for her financial demise will have a change of heart.  Of course our request for prayers is also for the continuance of our little ministry we have here on the net which is reaching lost souls every day.  It has been continually attacked by hackers and prayers that all their attempts will be twarted will be appreciated as well.

Anna has had numerous visits to the doctor, she pays for all her medications and a recent visit to the hospital for major surgery have all worked together to make it impossible to live. Anna is behind in paying back some hospital bills the ins did not cover as well and she is worried not only for her health but for her home.

Please join with me in a daily prayer
And as God Leads You donations:

Make money orders out to:
Anna Mattingly
113 S. Seminary
Madisonville, KY 42431

Anna gives her sincerest heartfelt thanks, and I would like to personally thank all of you who give up prayer and a helping hand to Anna.

God Bless,
email: ckoch at vci net
email anna: anna at vci net
make money orders out to:
Anna Mattingly
113 S. Seminary
Madisonville, KY 42431

Father son and holy spirit be praised!!!

If you are hesitating in giving anna a gift and wonder how much God is in this. I know there are many requests on the internet for help and I understand it gets wearysome seeing others always asking for help. I have the same feelings. We're not trying to minimize others needs or your feelings believe me. But consider this:

I believe God blessed the writing of this page and showed me it was ok to ask for your help. As I wrote it I happened to look out the window. ( I say "happened to" but you and I both know there are no "happen to's" with God. ) And what I saw was amazing. All the houses across the street were lit up with a light I've never seen before and above them stood a rainbow.

Father we humble ourselves before you and thank you