Some Important Information About The Book "The Shack"

About The Book "The Shack" Unfortunately Willie failed to tell his readers that no man will ever see God unless he has confessed his sins and given his life to Jesus Christ. This means making a commitment to live your life God's way according to the Bible and what it says. In fact The Shack is deceitful in that it leads you to believe you can see God without doing that. If you believe that you should be scared. You do NOT have eternal life, you will NOT see God.... And here is the worst news! If Jesus comes back and you have not confessed your sins and given your life completely to Him you will die eternally and go to Hell. Please Note: The Bible says no one knows how much more time is left before he will come. It could be tomorrow. What are going to believe the Bible or "The Shack" The Bible is God's Book Written by Him and The Shack is written by a man. It doesn't have to be too late for you... Would you like to know more and learn how to receive Jesus by taking the steps the Bible outlines so that you can have peace and know your future is secure? Look On This Page