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Thanks for Subscribing

Make $50 Dollars OVER AND OVER AGAIN.
Help Wanted For Some Light Typing and Posting Online

Please Read These Instructions Very Carefully

Here is your opportunity to do Office Support Work
Work from the Comfort of Your Own Home With No Out of Pocket Fees
This is Office Support Staff for an Existing Business.
You will be given full directions. Expect
to work 60 - 90 hours a week
performing these duties.
You Can Make Upto $300-$500 a wk.
Or more as with our other opportunity it depends on if you
are willing to spend the time doing the work online.
It only involves posting and typing.

Please follow the steps:

1. Sign up at the business site for the free test drive,
If you'd like to continue reading the same link is at the end.

Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and
click on the banner, you'll be redirected to the form.

2. Take your time and fill out the form
If you would like to be paid for
your online work by paypal sign up using
your paypal email address. Otherwise you will receive
checks weekly by mail.

3. You will be redirected to a back office
Here you can check your sign ups etc. Make a copy of your
link and put it in a text file and save it somewhere where you can find it later. You will be using this to do the work.

4. Then check your email for the
directions to start doing the free clerical postings. They should come in your email
immediately. You will get instructions on how to do the work and you will also get instructions on
how to submit your address if you do not have a paypal account in order to receive your checks


If you have any trouble email Claire or Anna
at or
Make a note of these email addy's.
before you go to the business site.