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                      ...............We quit our job to work at home
using the Resellers Automated Business System
Copyright 2003 by Blaine Moline in our own business.

Here's what we received, and what we
do and you can too......

We purchsed.........

The initial income

The training manual.  You'll learn how to process orders for this kit on the internet and through mail order.  This big manual gave us big tips about how to create a great income.  We learned how to offer this opportunity in the free areas on the net and help others create a big income too. Because the SR DIGITAL SYSTEM is an independent career processing co products online this is very appealing to folks seeking work at home, home jobs and home job alternatives. Its easy to teach them your system from your own website. Your consultant services are very valuable and you'll have all you need to offer all the help they'll need.
We received..........
The Prospecting System and the Resellers Automated Business System. Learn how procesing 2 orders a day can give you $1,500.00 a month. You need only direct people to your prospecting system.
The Exciting Resellers Automated Business System. SR DIGITAL BUSINESS SYSTEM reports and items the SR Digital Co sells.  Some just contain free training to help your business grow, others offer you products to sell and the opportunity to use their powerful interactive database to make money online. Money making forms, ebooks, software, and websites are included. You'll learn every internet promotion and mailorder secret there is to know. By offering these products, systems, and strategies on your website, you'll collect upfront income working independently with the SR Digital. This is an exciting online career.


We received..........
The license (the reseller fee)
The SR DIGITAL comes with a license inside and is well worth the cost of the software system and processing fee.  This incredible (what we call "vending" business system )affords us the freedom to set up our business where we want, when we want and to work when and where we want.  By having our own business instead of telecommuting or working in an office for another co.  We have no boss or deadlines. If the baby needs us, we can drop everything and take care of his or her needs. This is just what yo need.

We provide the extra
unlocked promotional secrets and business forms you need....
Book one and two of our secret promotional helps. We show you how to find every secret free promotional area on the net you can ever find.  And how to be successful in your new business. Plus we give you the forms and applications we successfully use on daily basis in our own business. Rather then just sell someone something you have a complete system here.


Here's what we do........

At home we type in offers for this opportunity to others on the internet. We also direct people to our website to see the the business systems and strategies we have available there.

We send out applications through email and answer numerous questions.  This business requires  a large amount of customer service, and one on one help and having typing ability is very very helpful to keep up with the work load but not necessary.



We accept orders by postal mail, money order or by credit card for the licensing fee (cost of the business software reseller license), consutation and processing of the free supplies we give additionally. By ordering via this kit nothing is left to chance and you're not left alone to figure out how to do this by yourself. Everything you need to make this work for you is included


Then we process forms and make up disks and either send them out through the mail or by download (money order and credit card orders only). That's a lot of online pc work. Access to the online bonuses is available to you and your customers or you can download them and offer them on your own as well (recommended)

We offer a free lifetime
warranty on our software and free lifetime tech 

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