When Claire and I first started to work on this site,  neither she nor I knew what the Lord had in mind  for us to do. We both trust the Lord with all our hearts and mind and so we said a prayer and the Lord started to give us the words and pictures to make each page come alive...  to bring him honor , glory and praise. In all the pages you will find that Claire and I (Anna) are simple christian women trying to get the gospel out to a world that we hope and believe  is thirsting for the word of the Lord. Each page we do we give thanks unto the Lord for his mercy and love. His word is so simple  that  even a child can understand it.. Did you know the Lord calls us his church, We're not a fancy building even though buildings are called churches. We as the children of God. (Called so because we have accepted Christ Jesus as out savior )are the church. It is good though to keep going to the  meetings with like minded  christian people "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. Hebrews 10:24; 1 Peter 2:1-2; Ephesians 4:11-12 ... these are opportunities for spiritual growth . God uses the foolishness of preaching to confound the wise..  We have some wonderful Holy ghost filled preachers in our church meetings today...and even people like myself and Claire who from a sickness or other reasons, can't get out much..we strive to bring you the word of God on our site as it is  given to us by the Holy Spirit. God uses all kinds of people to get his word out..so never think your to sick or to old to be called into service to the Lord. Listen to the still small voice of the Lord and be open to anything he asks of you to do  because he will use you..Just ask him. "Lord I am welling, please tell me, what can I do for you how can I help  get the gospel out to the world?" Wow our Lord hears and will use you!!! Claire and I use poems, stories and the living breathing word of God in doing our pages under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The title of this page " Mamaw's garden, full of love for Jesus" is named because our love for the Lord is ever blooming like God's mercy is renewed each morning so does our love bloom brighter and brighter
for our Lord and Savior. 
Claire and I hope you find comfort in our site. We gave this site to the care and keeping  of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Please visit all  the pages and enjoy in the Spirit.  Plant yourself  in Jesus and grow in the word.
No matter how bad it looks right now... "the worst is yet to
come!" The time of trouble that has fallen on the world today is just a
prelude to what is to come. The birth pains has started and are just a
trickle at this very moment but.."The worst is still to come." Gods
righteous anger has begin to rain upon the earth and soon it will become a
mighty down-pour and then God will turn his face from the people for a time and allow total distortion of the mind to believe the lies and in so doing, not God but man will choose their end. Heaven or Hell..many will chose that path and few will choose the narrow path to heavens gate. "The worst is still to come." How many people are looking at their life's now and
saying."God why me? I can't stand anymore!! but when the worst does
come..right now will be as a picnic. The mind set of man has so angered the Living Lord that there will be no remedy left for man to cling to...if they do not take heed and fall to bended knees in this moment of time.
"The worst is still to come." God has labored with man for thousands of
years that none would be lost..("No not one.") Man says in their hearts .."
There is no God, I answer to no one but me." and in so doing reap the wrath of a just God. The pity of that is.. God is loving and wants to give them one last chance to repent before allowing  them to fall into the pit they have dug for themselves..and therefore, "The worst is still to come." But it will come and soon..the rain will pour down upon a lost generation..The Lord says to all," Take heed at my words it is time to choose right now  whom you will serve." The worst is still to come." Has it began?"

                             HELLO GOD.

  I don't have time much time  today Lord, Sorry..I have my own thing to do and Would it really be  appropriate  for me to stop my work or  play , kneel down and pray? Why Lord everyone would be watching,  that is not really the norm of today. 

   Yes of course Lord I love you! Didn't you die on the cross for me?  I
realize that not praying nor reading your word is what has  caused a lot of problems for the world today, but what's that got to do with me Lord? don't I still utter a silent prayer when  I have a pause in my day. Besides, don't i see you Sunday   and  Easter too?   Sometimes there's a midweek service  when I'm not to busy I come to see you there too.
    What Lord, what did you say? Oh yes ..I know when I am feeling sick
  or have financial woes, I always turn  to you. When everything is going
right.. then why should I bother you?

  Hang on there!!  Lord, someone needs my help.. Must think no one else
can  work the problem out but me. It's tough being boss and having to listen to  all the  complains day in and day out.
  Ok here I am Lord got that bugger fixed  in a hurry but had to go  to

lunch, then I met a friend  and  we shot the  breeze for a   couple   hours. Then came dinner and the news was on. Man I can't believe all the  stuff going on..terror, terror every where, people going broke, train and car  wrecks Like never before and look at the weather, wow!! It's been a mess this year with many people killed from tornados. Earthquakes in divers places. Thank goodness nothings wrong with my town.
Did you know Lord that today is just a dog-eat dog existence  seems
everyone is turning against their  neighbor plotting this and that? Just a sec Lord, phones ringing. I'm back Had another problem with a worker not doing his job. Had to let him go. Yes I know he has a family to feed and there is sickness too, but what's that got to do with me? I ran a tight ship here if someone  can't do their job then out they go, no second chances with me, how could I make my business grow if I didn't keep a hard shell once in a while. Hey something I did want to ask of you Lord, I had a contract and forgot to sign it, can you fix it up for me?  I need that sale just had so much to do and let it lapse but another chance will see it signed  and through. Well Lord I have to run.. more work to do and can't find time to stop and chat but see you on Sunday if I don't have to much to do.

Hello Lord, it's been a long time but i have been busy trying to make it
through. It's gotten pretty hard now the business is going down and I have this illness that doesn't seem to go away. The finance company took my
car . You see I couldn't keep up with the payments and had to let it go..My house on the hilltop is also gone and I have this little one room shack it's what I call home. What where did i get it? Well you remember sometime ago when I had to let that man go, he found out about my troubles and gave me this piece of property to keep  me from the cold. Lord are you there? Hello Lord!! where are you??

 Proverbs 29:1.... 

   He that being often reproved and hardenth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed and that without remedy. God is love and mercy.  Do not abuse  the grace of God  by rejecting his word

Is your heart tender or has it become hard as nails.

   Without Him, I am nothing. But with Him, I can do all things through
                  Christ that strengthens me. Phil 4:13.


Darkness and light come and go. Nothing is deferent, all the same.
Death, life goes on.. whether there is plenty or nothing at all.
Both orbs rise at their appointed time not to be tamed.

A woman cries and a baby laughs... mans work is never done.
Slick satin or cotton covering..what does it matter? for the day
comes and the night goes..nothing is deferent and wars are made but no
battle won.

Dying flesh or youth are going.. across the ages from dawns early
morn.Trumpet sounds, ..old young/men with broken dreams come from chaos with tattered empty sleeves or pant legs flapping. Young hopes grown old before they grow.

The glint is gone from the once flashing eyes.. replaced with horror
that never will fade..Legends replace were bitter hearts flutter
shackled to the ghosts of a by-gone era.

Repeat, repeat, repeat the moans..go from rising to the setting
of the sun.. from east to west it's all the same, hate and love has formed
a packet into flesh demented and terror rides on bowed backs fretting.

The death bell tolls for one in the same..rich man, poor man they've all
gone the route and time rings out in a timeless place were all is the
same..nothing is changed for the cycle is endless the woman cries and the baby laughs on.


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