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The Dream

Everyone seems to think monsters are
some kind of joke, this was no joke

Usually Satan uses human beings to carry
out his dasterdly threats but this time
he came to me himself.

It was more then scary.  A nightmare
of reality.  This was no movie, friends.

The dream was horrible and happened
shortly after a strong period of back
slidding I had experienced.  

I was far from Christ and apparently
more thickly into satans slimy hands
then I had realized.

"The Dream" was satans last valiant
attempt to get ahold of me and return
me to his camp.

I had had a slow turn around and getting
out of satans grip had been difficult for me. But
by the time he came in "the dream" I was finally
victorious.  He could no longer torment
me with negative thoughts, control my mind
or cause me to deliberately sin through
his deceitful tricks.

The dream setting was complete darkness
and the feeling was utter fear.  I
couldn't see anything but I sensed the
heavy breathing, the horror and the fear.

A creature was there, just one whom I
now consider to be satan himself.  

I felt he was a very very large muscular
creature maybe red, black, yellow or
orange in color with a slimy mouth, large
claw like hands and horns.

He held me up in the air and snarled
loudly, "Denounce Christ Or You Will Die"!

I was literally petrified I looked here
and there, and wondered, "oh what can I do,
what can I do, I'm going to die if I don't
denounce Christ".  I remember the feeling
of helplessness, panic, and the inability
at first to help myself.

But from somewhere, I do not know where
a inner strength came and I realized I
could not die.  That even if this creature
destroyed my body, I belonged to Christ
now and my inner soul would live forever.

With all the strength I could conjure I
screamed into the thick, dark, dense air.  So
kill me because I can NEVER DIE!

Oh the screaming! Oh the horrible sound of
a defeated foe that rang through the air
permeating in everything. The sky and the
ground shook and there was a roar

.......and I awoke! Satan had lost that war.

Over the years I've told this story to
people I thought would believe me and
now I'm telling it to you.

It no longer matters to me if you
believe me or not because the message
that goes with this story is more
important then my worry about your
oppinion regarding my crediblity.

It happened to me, thats all that matters.

Satan will do everything in his power
to try to get you to believe a lie.

He lured me into a life apart from
Christ by simply whispering in my ear
one day...

"look how bad you have it.  If God
existed you wouldn't have had such a
bad life, maybe God doesn't exist"

and I thought the lie over, and I made the
choice to believe it.

I seperated my life from God.

In life I've learned that we're
responsible for our choices.  And Satan
himself was the reason my life was bad
not God. Satan knows exactly what to
do to ruin your life too and what to say
to you to lure you from the truth.

If you listen to it and follow through
you'll end up in an eternity of hell.
Revelation 20:15

What are following after?

For me it was rebellion.  For others...
believing in things like universal
Gods, and theism.

Satan has come to convince some that there
is no God and they call themselves

Other follow after cults.  Groups of
people who say, "If you are not in
our exclusive group you are not saved".

I can tell you right this moment that
there are not many Gods who are all
one God. There is no inner relaxation,
out of body experiences.

There are no super human angels that speaks
through humans of unknown things.  There is
only satan and God.  And neither you or
anyone else can EVER be God.  

These things are all satan appearing as
an angel of light to deceive you into
being with him.

You have a choice, you can believe the
lies satan has orchastrated to lure
into his clutches or you can believe
the truth.  Since satan is so cunning it's
better just to get a Bible and read it
for yourself.

Satan would that he were God and that all
 would follow him Isaiah 14:12-14 but,

There is..........only

One God
One Christ (Jesus)
One Bible
One Eternal Life

"no man comes to the father but by me"
said Jesus. John 14:6

Satan is darkness, hatred, and fear and
Jesus is light, peace, salvation and

Who will you listen to?  Save yourself
now while there is still time.  If Jesus
decides to come for his own there will
be no dreams, no times of repentance,
no turning around.

Don't be left behind.

Do you ever have thoughts like "what
if Jesus comes now while I'm doing this?"
Am I safe?  Will I go with him even if
I am sinning.

You don't have to wonder. You don't have
to fear.

Jesus can wipe away you sins and cleanse
you each time you make a mistake. You
can be sure you will go to him when he

You don't have to try to change, just come
as you are.  He will accept you that way
as long as you are sorry for your sin
and just say so.  That's all he wants you
to say.  Try to pray, Lord forgive me,
 I believe Jesus died for me to forgive my
sins.  Take me as I am, sin and all, help me
 please, I am undone.

Some say the world will end, some say
it won't. The Bible says it will. At least
the world as we know it today.
Revelation 21:1

If you're interested in what you've read
here and you'd like to receive Jesus as
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