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Once upon a time there stood a great forest. Tall tree's reaching out to the sunny sky. 
Then one day men came chopping down the tall trees,
building houses  and barns till there was only one big tree left setting
all alone. It was soooo!  lonely standing there with all it's brothers and sisters gone.

The poor tree cried all day..."Sob, sob I am so lonely" it
said to the wind.   Just a short distance away lived a little girl named Claire Pudding and right   across the street another little girl, her name was Megan boombop. 

 Claire, and  Megan  played together all day..running and
skipping, singing  their little songs. The big tree watched feeling more and more lonely.
 Then one day as they were playing, Claire pudding said to Megan boombop, "Look at the big old tree Megan, it looks like it's crying, lets go ask it what's wrong!"  "Do you think we really should? Megan asked, maybe it'll tell us to mind our  own business." 

"Oh you silly goose, Claire Pudding said, lets go see!"     "Okay with me, Megan Boombop, said, last one there is a rotten egg!!"  The tall tree saw them coming and bowed down it's head.
"Hello little girls,   come right  up close, I haven't had any company in years, what a nice  surprise!!"
  "Well we have been watching you for a long time 
 and it seems as if you are very  sad.Claire and Megan said at the same time. 
What is wrong?"look around me, said the tree, No one comes to visit and all my brothers and   sister that I grew up with  are gone.
and to tell the truth the house's you girls live in was build out of 
my   brother's  and sister's ..they have sure moved up in the world and now they  don't talk to me!! I was not selected as I have .."To many knot holes. So I  would cost a lot in broken axes and saw blades".so the wood cutters said."You poor thing, cried Claire Pudding and Megan Boombop, you
should have told us ..we can help!!  we will see that you will never be lonely again..!!" "What do you mean? Ask the tree..   "Just you wait and see, said the girls..!    Megan and Claire, ran to their house and got a big glob of clay and some beautiful  rainbow a touch of the  magic called  love ..and ran back to the tall tree. 
"What are you girls up to? said the tall tree. "Just you wait and see! They both  shouted at once, you'll never  be alone again.     Claire Pudding and Megan Boombop, worked and worked until out of the clay  and rainbow colors came the cutest little  roly poly frogs you would ever want to see  and then with a touch of  the magic called Love .the little green frogs  came alive!! jumping all over the big tree.
"HA..Ha..the tall tree laughed as the frogs danced around and around her big old trunk...Thank you Claire Pudding and you too, Megan Boombop, I will never be lonely again!!  The tree and the frogs lived happily ever after.. THE END.

 Story written by, Anna Mattingly.

You are asking yourself, "Now what does this story have to do with a christian site?" Look around you and find out. I am sure there is someone who needs your help or just a friendly smile. Help someone today.( ((Jesus is love.)))


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