This is the Jesus Tell Me, Poetry Page. Glory and Honor  goes to God for all the poems.
Golden RAYS
Early this morning before the first light of day I hopped out of bed to watch the sun come awake. 
Crept to the window knelt on the floor. I didn't mind the chill nor did I mind the cramps, right about then the sky began to blaze golden rays shooting to the ground, lapping up diamonds off the green earth. 

The painting of Heaven began to unfold displayed in beauty, 
wonderest to behold. My heart skipped a beat a still hush was on, then a Symphony started on the early morning breeze. Old died away on a new beginning 

   Love is a prison seems 
there is no escape, ties 
       binding, choking,  
give me yourself 
  What am I you or me.  
workover makeover  
be me not you! follow me...
become...I can't 
  I won't.    
    Love is a prison you're  
   the warden 
    good behavior... 
let me loose, 
    I've served my time 
  I'm me not you!! 

    Love is a escape. 
     The heart welded shut,  
you're It's keeper, 
 The captive is me. 

-Anna Mattingly

          Misery didn't just come to visit me he's been here so long,            that he's number one and I'm number two.                   "Do I really belong?"            I've  gotten as weak as warmed over coffee,                     it's too much for me.            pretty soon a short distance ahead there's                       not going to be a me. 
          a face go's through the motions pretending laughter, but inside            corrosion abides, eating...devouring like hungry parasites.            Misery unravels, dissecting into pieces goals and achievements 
                   want's and desires.            How many times can a person stare at misery, he must know he's            not welcome an uninvited guest, relentless in his pursuit to            distort images of this was better turning into this was worse.            I'm here to relate to you he's done his job well.            So I'm giving in, taking off my gloves, throw in the towel he's            to strong for me, he's won his pound of human flesh,            ...I no longer want to be me...!                                                                                                                  Anna Mattingly. 

  Lord help me to hold out the 
 hand of friendship to each one to 
 pass my way. And never sit in 
 judgement of The things they do 
 or say. And if by chance i should 
 falter maybe hurt someone a 

 long the way, give me a heart 
     that'll say forgive me I slipped a 
 long the way. 
Anna Mattingly

Sleep little baby mommy's 
right here to hold and 
comfort throughout your 
fears. Your tiny little 
                             hands in my own I'll hold                                  . 
Never let go till your own 
you own. When I'm old and 
gray my dear, these precious 
                              memories will linger still                                 . 
But for now mommy's here 
to hold you near and guide 
you through your tender years. 
                           Sleep little baby mommy's                                     
here these arms of love 
your cradled in. 
  -Anna Mattingly

The Sea

I see the sea with trashing waves knowing 
        that death lies below a graveyard of bones, 
        that dasher of dreams.
Come take me down to my lover below 
        I pray to the depths of the deep...down 
        Into the muddy water, 
        So I may sleep 
        Again entwined in my lovers arms these 
        silent tears to keep, 

        My hurried cry flys away on the wind 

        hovering over the sea my lover reaches 
        and I descend 
        Into the depths of the sea. 

Anna Mattingly

Endless Sleep 

When darkness like so many caressing fingers 

hurries to be rid of the light, and beckons me in my shadows lets dispense 

with this chilly flight 

I tremble in my flesh with longing to be in an 

endless night where nothing moves around me 

and hope is laid to rest.  pain is anestized, the 

only thing to touch an endless night to hug 

Infolds, dense black nothing surrounds with 

sweet bliss, her silence a shield over my ears. 

loneliness forgotten among velvet clouds 

scolded tears spent drying salty on my cheeks. 

An endless night has beckoned me into its 

arms. I've gladly gone to know no more of 

lives bitter dreams the flow of sorrow like 

a river ceased. 

Anna Mattingly


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   © Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. Contact: Anna 
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