The flute
By Claire Marie Koch

Do you consider it a daunting
task when you think of going

through your "Stuff"?  The full closets, the basement,
the chest of drawers?  Most people do.

This is a story of how God answered one prayer request  for Anna when he forced her to go through her "stuff"!

You may not know what is under those piles you so  nicely packed up in the basement so long ago but God does.

I dont know how many times Anna wrote to me on the  instant messanger. "Pray I can get through this, Claire".  She was talking about her packing excursion.  You see, God said Anna had to move this Christmas.  A tough task for one sick lady.  But what Anna didn't know was that there was a treasure in the pile in her closet that God had wanted her to find.

It was so long ago when she had put it there, how could she remember something from years ago.

There is was! The black flute with the white/gold 
spout to blow in looking up at her so
nicely preserved for an occasion God was about to announce.

Oh! The prayers had gone up this year thats for sure.  She had cryed out to God time and time again, "what kind  of Christmas will this be this year?", Lord, "why!"  Why this move, the shifts and changes in my families lives, the lack of money.  Every day she prayed this faithfully.

God's ears were open to those tiny prayers and like a faithful  father he answered.

Megan, Annas grand-daughter often gets dropped off to await  her mother's arrival from work.  And on this one particular day Megan arrived just after Anna had found that little  flute.

"Hello, Megan" Anna said, "what did you do with your Daddy today?  Megan said, "went shopping" at a new store.  "oh?" said anna, and what did you see that you want?".  "A flute", Megan said I saw a shiny flute I want".

I believe in Bethelem, shiney stars, and making friends,  peace on earth, and good will to men.

I believe it all began in a town called Bethlehem.
If you'd like to learn more about the babe who came to earth to die for our sins, and who takes care of his children in  such miraculous ways?  Please visit
and have a look around.

Maybe you are hurting this Christmas season and need a miracle.  I believe you can have his strength too.

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